We are an independent publishing company based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada and our goal is this:

To bring the ancient and medieval worlds to life through high-quality historical fiction and fantasy.

Too often, history is poorly taught in schools, leaving people with a negative opinion of anything having to do with the past.

At Eagles and Dragons Publishing, we believe that history can be exciting, accessible, and above all entertaining.

We believe that the past is crucial to understanding ourselves and the world around us. History does repeat itself, and only by understanding it can we truly better the world in which we live.

Our books and stories are not intended to bore readers. They are intended to grab you by both wrists and throw you headlong into the terrible beauty of the past.

We want you to experience the magic and mystery of the ancient and medieval worlds, to come face to face with the people of the past as well as their beliefs, their loves and hates, their hopes, and their achievements.

And we do this by creating well-researched, carefully-crafted stories and non-fiction works that are gripping, thought-provoking, and inspiring.

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