Saturnalia: A Tale of Wickedness and Redemption in Ancient Rome

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Long before Ebenezer Scrooge, there was Catus Pompilius, the meanest man in Rome.

It is the time of Saturnalia, the most highly-anticipated festival across the whole of the Roman Empire.

In the ancient city of Rome, citizens and slaves are preparing to honour the gods and to enjoy a time of freedom and revelry among family and friends. Saturnalia truly is the best of days for all!

That is, for all except the wickedest landlord in Rome: Catus Pompilius.

With a blatant disregard for gods and men alike, Catus Pompilius moves through the streets of Rome spreading misery wherever he can, dousing the Saturnalian light of the world around him.

However, this Saturnalia, the gods have decided that Catus’ time has come. Judgment is upon him!

Will Catus Pompilius be able to redeem himself and prevail upon the gods’ mercy? Or will their divine wrath hurl him into the darkest depths of Tartarus for all eternity?

Read this dark tale of gods and men, wickedness and redemption, to find out!

Saturnalia is an exciting retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic tale. It is also a story for fans of ancient Rome, of tales of gods and men, and stories that make one examine the quality of the life we lead as mortals.

If you are a fan of A Christmas Carol, stories about life and redemption against all odds, then you will love Saturnalia!